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Celebration of Life

What is the Crystal Celebration of Life Service

The cost of funerals can be a minefield with various additional costs, often added at the time of need when those suffering from bereavement are at their most vulnerable. Our Celebration of life plan offers you peace of mind. No additional costs, what you pay for is what you get. That is our Crystal promise.

The Celebration of life plan is exactly what it says... it is the service that is key in this plan. It allows the added benefit of adding more to the service if you so wish. It also gives the opportunity for family and friends to pay their respects and say goodbye.

You will be able to do such things as live stream the service so those who are unable to attend can still pay their respects. You can add music to make the service that little bit more special.




It's your Funeral Your Way

What's included

This price covers everything you need for a celebration of life cremation such as :

  • Transport to one of our nominated mortuaries, where your loved one will be prepared and allowed to rest until the cremation.
  • Cremation Fees
  • Coffin
  • Preparation of deceased for the cremation
  • All transportation costs on the day of cremation
  • Support for relatives of deceased, with signposting to bereavement support & counselling
  • Minister or Celebrant fees
  • Doctors Fees
  • Funeral Directors professional services
  • Attended funeral service

What's Not Included

Our commitment to our clients is to be open and honest so it is only fair we tell you what is not included:

  • Return of ashes in eco-friendly container to any address in England & Wales.
  • Procession, hearse, flowers etc.
  • Viewing of the deceased

Don’t worry, if these are important to you they are available as optional add-ons, other than the viewing of the deceased. 

Pay In Full

One payment

£ 2925*

*Terms &Conditions

Pay Monthly

Interest FREE

£ 243.75*

*Terms &Conditions

Payment Plan


*Terms &Conditions

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Compare Our Plans

Direct Cremation

£ 1575

No funeral service

Celebration of Life

£ 2925

Funeral Service Included

Traditional Funeral Plan

£ 3245

Funeral Service Included

Collection of deceased from hospital, hospice or mortuary
Delivery of the coffin to crematorium
Cremation fees
Organising the cremation at the crematorium
Preparation and care of deceased prior to cremation
Family support and guidance
Eco box or poly urn for ashes to be collected
Doctor's fees
Choice of crematorium to hold the service
Funeral service
Live Streaming of the service
£125 £125
Funeral procession including hearse and 4 bearers
per vehicle
per vehicle
Delivery of ashes
£100 £100 £100
Larger Coffin
Additional fee at time of need Additional fee at time of need Additional fee at time of need
Collection of deceased if not in hospital, hospice or mortuary
Additional fee at time of need Additional fee at time of need Additional fee at time of need
Crystal personalised urn
Additional fee at time of need Additional fee at time of need Additional fee at time of need

Wholesale Funeral Cost Disclosure

Direct Cremation

Celebration of Life

Traditional Funeral Plan

The wholesale cost of this funeral is the cost we have agreed with your funeral service provider to carry out the purchased funeral. The difference between our funeral plan prices and wholesale costs are detailed below.

Price of Funeral Plan
£1575 £2925 £3245
Funeral Service Provider contracted price of carrying out the funeral (Wholesale Cost)
£880 £2150 £2530
Difference Between Price of Funeral Plan and Wholesale Cost
£695 £775 £715

The difference in price between what we pay your funeral service provider (the wholesale cost) and the price of our funeral plans is the result of marketing, operational/ business overheads and compliance costs, including the cost of managing the trust arrangement which ensures money paid towards pre-paid funeral plans is kept safe. As a commercial business, we also retain a percentage of profit with each plan sold.

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  • Direct Cremation - £ 1575
    Celebration of Life - £ 2925
    Traditional Funeral Plan - £ 3245
  • Delivery of ashes - £ 100
  • Live stream of the service - £ 125
  • Hearse and 4 bearers - £ 450
  • Limousine - £ 250

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Interest Free From

£ 0 per month

Based on monthly payments for a maximum of 12 months

Funeral Safe Plan

£ 0 per month

For guidance only. Based on an 8 year plan at 15.9% APR

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