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How do you make sure your Funeral is carried out how you want it?

In our view is that it's your funeral your way and should meet the needs and desires of both the deceased and the loved ones you leave behind. One of the best ways to achieve this is with a Crystal Funeral Plan. 

At Crystal we offer three simple low-cost funeral plans to choose from. 

  • Direct Cremation 

  • Celebration of Life Plan 

  • Traditional Funeral Plan  


Here at Crystal, we think that one of the reasons for taking out a funeral plan is emotional peace of mind with financial benefits a very close second. 

A simple low-cost funeral doesn’t mean your family will miss out in saying goodbye! 

You can still pre plan your low-cost funeral to include all the extras you desire i.e. flowers, cars and a service but by purchasing a pre-paid low-cost funeral plan you are taking control and allowing your family to grieve at the time they need to. 

Budgeting now for your low-cost funeral means no price increase or large costs when the time comes, meaning you have peace of mind in planning ahead with Crystal Funeral Planning. 


3 Simple Plans

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