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Plan Ahead and Save Your Family The Burden

We all have worries that our family will be looked after once we are gone. Your funeral is one of the things that will need to be dealt with, so it is no surprise many people are planning ahead and buying a Crystal pre-paid plan. 

Planning ahead can help save your family from unplanned expense as well as giving grieving family members the peace of mind that your funeral plan is in place, and they have one less thing to worry about. 

With Crystal Funeral Planning, you can consider what kind of funeral you want. We offer 3 simple affordable plans for any budget to help you make the right choices for you and your loved ones 

The choice you make is completely down to your personal preference and is often determined by your religious, cultural and personal beliefs. 

You can decide how your remains will get to the funeral; the hearse is by far the most common and frequently used option. However, not everyone makes their final journey in a standard black funeral car - there are several very interesting alternative funeral vehicles out there. 

Just like picking out your perfect funeral car, picking the right music is another important part of planning your own funeral in advance, whilst some opt for simple music, some have a favourite song/song they would like to add to make things more personal to them. 

Flowers are another thing to think about 

Not everybody will want flowers at their funeral but if you do, take some time to think which flowers you would like.  

We work closely with a variety of celebrants and can point you in the right direction to look at one suitable for you. 

Finally, the wake is potentially an important part of planning your funeral ahead of time. Have a think about a particular pub or restaurant that you love, this again makes your funeral personal to you. 

Although your family will need to handle your funeral arrangements when the time finally comes, thinking about your funeral arrangements in advance will help ensure you get the send-off you want. 

If you need any help putting a Low-Cost Funeral Plan in place, then simply fill in the contact form and one of our funeral planners will give you a call.  

3 Simple Plans

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