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Why Buy a Crystal Funeral Plan ?


At Crystal funeral planning we offer low cost funeral plans that are affordable and simple so that you can plan ahead. 

Here are some answers as to why our customers have purchased a Crystal low cost funeral plan.

  • You want to give your family financial peace of mind 

Whether you choose an affordable cremation or a more traditional low-cost funeral plan, pre purchasing one of our low-cost and affordable Crystal funeral plans put you in control. 

  • You want to secure specific details of your funeral, such as the funeral provider. Afterall at Crystal we coined the phrase 'its your funeral your way'

When purchasing your low-cost funeral plan from Crystal you can specify details in your pre-paid plan to ensure your wishes are carried out as you want them to be

  • You want to free your loved ones from the stressful experience of planning a funeral whilst grieving. 

Once you have your funeral plan in place, it is just one phone call to crystal for your family and we will put everything into place. That is why at Crystal Funeral Planning we offer comprehensive, affordable funeral plans to ensure when the time comes it is simple and stress free for your loved ones 

  • You want to keep funeral costs down, by paying now rather than waiting for prices to potentially rise.  

This is the biggest reason people choose Crystal Funeral Planning for their low cost budget funeral plans, by purchasing your Direct cremation plan or Traditional funeral plan you are locking in todays low costs and securing your low cost funeral at todays prices but with the peace of mind your in the hands of a FCA regulated funeral plan provider, who provide a 1st class service despite our low cost prices.  



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