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Why purchase a Crystal Direct Cremation plan?

A Direct Cremation is ideal for those who don’t want a fuss and simply require a service that meets their needs, with no hidden costs and no hidden extras, other than things such as when a larger coffin is required 


Why people choose a Direct Cremation 

*More affordable, with no hidden costs 

*Gives you complete, lifelong peace of mind 

*More freedom to arrange a celebration of life 

*Ensures no-one else has to pay for your funeral 

*Puts you in control 

*Save thousands compared to a Traditional Funeral

*Simple and affordable 

*Let’s you have Your Funeral Your Way 


Our direct cremation plan offers a low cost funeral plan, budget friendly option for those who want a simple no fuss send off. 

Of course it isn’t just about low cost, David Bowie chose a simple no fuss direct cremation too! But if you are looking for a simple, low cost alternative to the traditional, often costly, funeral, then our budget friendly Direct Cremation funeral plan is the one for you. 

A low cost Direct Cremation Funeral Plan is a safe and proactive way to protect you and your loved ones, you are in control and when the time comes your family can arrange a celebration of your life at a time and date to suit them, this can be a simple get together or a lovely party depending on your choices. 

Martin Gundlach 

Managing Director 





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